Müro 5000 A3 WT block size press 2002



No longer available




This block size press has a mobile base frame, hot air blower drying, heat dust plate for even drying and a press insert for small stacks. The advantage of the A3 press lies in the greater capacity for A3 stacks and especially for the 2-up gluing of sets of forms or DIN A5 brochures. The 2-up drying results in even shorter production times. With the 5000 A 3 WT model, you have the advantage of the mobile base and the hot air blower drying. After the glue has been applied and the spine has been filled with air, the flap in the underframe is opened and the hot air drying system is switched on automatically by a limit switch. The heat dust sheet is put on so that the top and bottom drying takes place evenly . Stacking height: 52.5 cm