Müro 4 x 5000 A 3 WT block gluing system revised in mint condition 2007



No longer available




Müro block gluing machine 4 x 5000 A3 WT 2 in mint condition for the mass production of sets of forms, brochures, catalogs, weighing cards, calendars, written documents in Blocks, notablocks, receipt blocks, writing pads and note cubes . 4 presses with a stacking height of 50 cm each on a rotatable base plate, therefore large capacity and continuous operation . Exact and fast stacking in an inclined position of the presses. Schnrocknung 2 hot air fans. While one press is being loaded, the binding material is already drying and cooling in the other presses. Variable press pressure - important for self-separating gluing of sets of forms as well as for grooving brochures and weighing cards Stack height: 52.5cm Pressing width: 52.5 cm Pressing depth: 52.5 cm _Pressing depth: 52.5 cm 1.8 m Weight: approx. 102 kg Connection values: 230 V, 1100/2150 W 1 hot air drying station with 2 heat exchanger fans with cold air, 1100 W and 2150 W stage 1 heat dust sheet for even drying