Horizon HT30 autom Rotary threeknife trimmer 2005



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Its economic efficiency makes this three-side trimmer a real alternative to three-knife machines for off-line processing of smaller runs. He works completely independently and without supervision. Simply enter the book formats and the number of books for the operation on the touchscreen - the machine does the rest. The HT-30 cuts the books on three sides: neatly, precisely - with just one knife, always damage-free in the Bundle in . with Touch & amp; Work display operation Speed ​​220 - 520 cycles / h Contact pressure 1.5 - 8 kN Machine dimensions 2,350 x 1,160 x 1,370 mm (W x D x H) max. Format untrimmed 320 x 235 mm min. Format untrimmed 200 x 134 mm max. Format trimmed 305 x 230 mm min. Trimmed format 200 x 134 mm max. Block thickness 51mm