Palamides Delta 703 Automatic bundle delivery 2017



No longer available




This bundle delivery delta 703 with Stahlfolder Interface from year of construction 2017 has a working width of 700 mm with 3-fold banding . Equipment: automatic format detection and waste sheet detection Press station with pre- and main press, with main press roller Package pressing Vibrating station Autom. Format setting Large format delivery Various operating modes, stream feeder or single sheet system, quick adjustment, counter, bundling of sticks Package height: min. 20 mm (with optional small package device 3 mm - not included) Package height: max. 150 mm Output: 600 packages / h per use Speed: up to 60,000 pieces / h \n Speed: 15-205 m / min Inlet height: 410mm - 1000mm Electrical connection: 6KW Compressed air: 6 bar dry air, consumption 450 l / min. To be provided on site Format min. (without small format device) Infeed width 110mm x infeed length 95mm Format min. (with optional small format device not included in delivery) Infeed width 90 mm x Infeed length 65 mm max. 1 panel 760 mm x 305 mm max. 2 panels 335 mm x 305 mm max.