Desta BAS FSA 600 flat pile delivery with arch press 2002



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ManufacturerDesta GUK


The delivery is used for optimal pressing and efficient stacking in connection with ergonomic removal, especially for multiple-up production. It produces optimal product stacks - this is ensured by equipment details such as the driven stop roller and a knife edge. The removal height is always constant, as both the machine - via a scissor lift - and the press infeed can be tilted. The BAS-FSA offers a multitude of setting options in detail. Their accessibility is outstanding, especially when placing or removing test sheets. The BAS-FSA is used in the medium run range and with frequent multiple-up production. Using an adapter cable, it can be used behind all common folding machines and also on saddle stitchers . Year of construction 2002 Working width 600 mm Product thickness max. 8 mm max. Working width x 320 mm, min. 100 x 80 mm Stack height max. 400 mm Compression pressure 0-20,000N, continuously adjustable Speed ​​50-230 m / min, continuously adjustable Infeed height 400-950 mm, adjustable Outfeed height 875 mm Counting and marking device Upper and lower feed belt in the sheet press 2 pairs of hard chrome-plated press rollers D = 100 mm, separately adjustable