Heidelberg Stahl FFP 52 altar fold pneumatic window fold pocket 2006



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ManufacturerHeidelberg steel


The device has an Acc 2.4 control unit, decoder (rotary encoder) and machine console, suitable for steel folding machines. The three-fold window fold (altar fold) is a type of fold that is popular with graphic designers, but it required a lot of experience and sensitivity from the bookbinder with the previously available folding technology in order to carry out the order in the calculated time with good fold quality. The pneumatic window folding pocket is digitally controlled, the deflection profile is opened and closed pneumatically. The digital ACC 2.4 control unit regulates the switching times exactly - individually and independently of the folding speed. The precise control of the deflection profile enables the smallest flap distances of only 0.5 to 1.0 millimeters, depending on the paper thickness. Even in continuous operation, high cycle rates (up to 15,000 cycles / hour) are possible without any problems.