Fuji XMF crossmedia workflow 2014



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A quantum leap to new functionality With this new XMF version, the internal technologies have undergone a series of upgrades to meet the more complex requirements of high-speed digital printing and the optimization of traditional CTP plate production . VDP support and database XMF-Workflow v5.5 supports both the most innovative (PDF / VT) and established (PPML) variable data formats. In addition, a new database is used in the XMF software to optimize the processing of high data volumes in variable data printing and thus to ensure the productivity of high-speed digital printing machines Received CIP4 certification. This confirms the complete integration of an MI system and XMF v.5.5 according to CIP4 specifications. In addition, new JDF tools are integrated to convert incoming MIS instructions into JDF-compatible control commands . Automatic 3D-Proof XMF v5.5 offers improved proofing functions through the automated creation of 3D proofs. The 3D-Proofing module, which is already integrated as standard in previous versions of XMF-Workflow, offers print shops the possibility to create a virtual print product in order to give the customer an exact representation of the final print product. The export can now take place automatically within XMF V5.5, which saves time and increases efficiency . Improved integration of XMF ColorPath Finally, XMF-Workflow v5.