Foellmer Duplicator Strip Bullet Device 2010



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ManufacturerJosef Foellmer


The Foellmer Duplicator DigiTab 2010 Plus (print - count - mark = 1 operation) has a menu-driven operation via a touchscreen display on the rear of the housing. The mobile and height-adjustable stand is placed on the side of the delivery on most machines. Any number from 5 - 99999 can be set for the counting strip insertion. Stepless regulation of the strip length 20-200 mm and holding time of about 0-10 seconds of the counting strip is possible. The Suptramat enables the control and waste sheets removed by the printer from ongoing production to be deducted from the total and at the same time the package size marked by stripes is corrected accordingly. The total counter records the total circulation of good sheets adjusted with the Suptramat.